Designer cut

Women $28+

Men $18+

​Beard $8+

Designs $15+

Kids 12yrs & under $15+​

​Dimensional Highlight service

​Full Highlight $85+

​Highlight with color $105+

​Partial ​(top Only) ​$55+

​Partial with color $85+

​-Basic trim/style and glaze included with Dimensional Highlight service


Eyebrow $10

Lip $12

Chin $12

Jaw line $18

​Nose $18

​Ear $15

Let's Talk

​We don't charge for consultations. Some of our services require consultations so we can set the right amount of time needed for your service. We don't charge base off length of hair, more off how much product or time used. I never understood charging by length because someone with long thin hair will use less product than someone with short thick hair... so I think its more fair to clients and my stylists to charge by product usage. For this reason, we can not give a price over the phone, message, or any social media site without seeing the client in person. when you see a plus (+) sign next to price of service, that means price can go up from base price depending on time and product usage on the amount of hair you have.


Salon Price List​​

​Texture Service

Brazilian blowout $150+

Perms $65+

Japanese permanent straightening $400+

​-Basic trim/style included with Texture service

Creative wear

Formal style $45+

Shampoo & Style $18+

Makeup $60+

​Hair extensions- consultation 


Olaplex/B3 $40+

​Olaplex/B3 added to color service $25+

​Hard/mineral water removal $25+

Conditioner Treatment $20

​Color Glaze $15+


Balayage $95+

Balayage with color $115+

​-Basic trim/style and glaze included with Balayage service

Artistic color service

Full color $65+

Color touchup $45+

​Men Color $45+

​Corrective color-consultation 

​-Basic trim/style included with Artistic color service

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